Rafting na Soči

Have a Wonderful Vacation This Year

There are full of interesting places in and around Slovenia. The country is full of wonderful opportunities for a glorious vacation for anyone, from children, groups of friends, couples in love to families and retired people. There are options for all kind of holiday lovers – those who want a leisurely break, more of an active stay, or something in between. Prices ranging from extremely affordable to very pricy are also available, so there truly is something for everyone.

Where to Go

If you want an active type of holiday, there are many options for you. The best choice would be to set yourself somewhere in the North or Northwest of the country, where there are plenty of opportunities to be active – you can climb mountains, hike hills, run, explore the nature, swim in the ice-cold lakes and take advantage of the crystal clear rivers. Rafting na Soči (rafting on Soča) and Canyoning Bovec are two examples of interesting activities that are going on in Slovenia’s most beautiful river, Soča. Rafting na Soči and Canyoning Bovec are among the most visited adrenaline sports in Slovenia. People from all over the world come hundreds of kilometres to try to beat the notorious river. Rafting na Soči as well as Canyoning Bovec are thus heavily visited all throughout the year, so make sure you come as well. If you are more interested in leisure, summer by the pool or by the sea might be the best decision for you. There is a number of different pools around the country as well as a smart portion of a beach. If you want a larger selection of accommodation by the sea, you can always flee over the border to Croatia where you can choose among miles and miles of beautiful coast.