Wide variety of adventures in Bovec

Wide variety of adventures in Bovec

Bovec is the ideal base of operations for adventurers that choose Slovenia for their next active vacation. It has everything, but most prominently it boasts with the best options in regards to activities that are well suited for all kinds of tourists. 

Popular choices

There is, for example, just one ideal place for rafting, Bovec. Soca is just perfect for this activity, and nowhere is that more evident than in its upper part near the town of Bovec. The river here is wide enough for rafts, but still plenty dynamic and unpredictable to ensure exhilarating courses of rafting. Bovec, Soca and the other variables align perfectly to allow for the best possible experience! It’s no wonder that the town is becoming world famous and gets more and more foreign tourists each year, some of them specifically seeking out rafting Bovec. Soca is beautiful on its own, of course, but the offer of various exhilarating activities makes it even more attractive for adventurers of all creeds and colors. 

Less known gems

There are some other activities that will be available, but not as crowded. Soca canyoning can be a great choice – it’s rapidly becoming one of the most prominent services on offer of sports agencies in this part of the country, but it still offers a unique adventure for everyone seeking their own options. Soca canyoning is also done from Bovec, which is conveniently located within reach of several attractive canyons – there are the canyons of the Soca river, of course, but those are not used for canyoning. You can admire them on your own time, while the Soca canyoning is actually done in the canyons of other waterways flowing down the surrounding hills. Most of those are located nearby, so the adventure is still convenient for everyone.