Soca canyoning

The attractive opportunities of the Soca river

Everyone has a different set of expectations while visiting a destination for some relaxation. Some prefer rest, others seek adventures. If you’re all about active life, you will enjoy the Soca river and all the attractive opportunities it provides.

The river itself offers a perfect setting for many different activities. The most recommended option must be rafting. Bovec, Soca flowing right next to it, is the perfect town to start your adventure in, as it is conveniently located and also boasts a wide offer of guided tours. You have a whole selection of adventures, ranging from lazy scenic tours to thrilling tours over billowing rapids. The choice is yours, but you’re in for an unforgettable experience as long as you choose a tour with an experienced guide for rafting Bovec. Soca is very friendly to rafters seeking different experiences and can accommodate different tastes, which can also be said for tourist agencies for rafting Bovec. Soca itself also presents breath-taking scenes and the option to experience the fresh alpine water on your own skin, so there are many reasons to choose rafting.

But that’s just one of the activities that can be done on Soca. Canyoning is another popular option, even though it is not as prominent in the offer of local tourist agencies. Soca canyoning offers a unique experience and a thrilling challenge for the true adventurers that wish to avoid the more crowded activities. After all, rafting is also popular with big groups and tourists seeking nothing more than effortless fun. On the other hand, Soca canyoning will definitely demand some extra work. The experience depends mostly on the chosen course – there are several attractive canyons, some are beginner-friendly, while others offer the opportunity for really challenging expeditions.