Soca rafting

Interesting activities to try in Bovec

Bovec is a popular tourist destination in the Soca valley, Slovenia. It’s especially popular among the thrill-seekers that prefer staying outside and active during their vacation days. That’s why there is a wide offer of all kinds of activities available in this town. You’ll find many tourist agencies with all kinds of options on offer. Some of them are particularly interesting.

The first and foremost attraction of this town is Soca rafting. The river Soca is flowing just next to the town, so there are good options to enjoy exciting rafting tours. Soca rafting can provide great experiences no matter what the rafters expect. There are programs for both the beginners and experienced adventurers. As the river is very dynamic in this part, different courses can be planned. Some prefer rapids and drops, other opt for scenic courses on the calmer parts. Soca rafting can easily impress anyone, so it’s definitely worth trying.

Another interesting activity to try is canyoning. Bovec canyoning is developing rapidly in the last years as the interest grows. There are several options to choose from, all very attractive. The courses are adjusted to the skills and expectations. In every case, Bovec canyoning is professionally guided and safe, yet still exciting and thrilling. Besides, it takes some courage and a lot of work to overcome the natural obstacles in the canyon. That’s why Bovec canyoning is becoming one of the most popular activities among tourists.

Of course, the town offers a wide variety of other activities as well. In the summer days, the tourist agencies will come up with all kinds of tours and you can experience a lot on your own. There are unlimited options in the nature and in the town, so it’s worth exploring all the possibilities.